18-Wheeler Truck Accident Lawyer in San Antonio

18-Wheeler Truck Accident Lawyer in San Antonio

Trucks are the biggest giants on the road, and even a negligible amount of carelessness can lead to huge accidents. When it comes to types of trucks, 18-wheeler trucks come in the list of the biggest ones out there. There are countless incidents in San Antonio involving accidents wherein an 18-wheeler truck was involved. These accidents happened due to varying causes but, the result was the same, destruction.

While we think of other reasons for 18-wheeler truck accidents, some of the most prominent ones included the ones listed below:

  • Fatigue:

It is probably the most indispensable factor when it comes to truck driving. 18-wheeler trucks are tough to drive, and the thing is that they travel the longest distances between cities. This is why it becomes hard for people to relate to the causes and the laws governing them, as for each state, the law is different.

  • Drugs and Boredom.

Sometimes it is the case where the 18-wheeler truck driver is driving under the influence of alcohol or some other drug. This is because they have a deadline to follow and a long journey to be made in a little bit of time. This makes it quite hard to cope up with the low amount of rest given to these drivers.

Boredom is another huge problem as truck drivers might get easily bored in the huge journey that they have to complete in so little time without a companion. In such cases, the driver might consider looking for other options of entertainment like drugs, texting, or phone calls, etc.

The Best 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Lawyers In San Antonio:

San Antonio is a bustling city, and people want rapid solutions to their problems. An 18-wheeler truck lawyer has the authority to get the people involved in such accidents full justice. They have the skillset to hold the right people accountable for the accidents. This is why here are the best 18-wheeler accident lawyers in San Antonio:

  • George Salinas Law Office

One of the biggest and most popular law firms in San Antonio that deals with such accidents are Salinas Trial Law. They also have a website of the same name and provide the best services to those who have experienced injustice. They have experts who provide the best services to the victims of such accidents.

  • Law Giant: Begum Law Group

Another respectable law agency. They also have a website that goes by Texas Legal Group, and they also specialize in 18-wheeler accidents. They have solved many related cases.

  • Herrera Law Firm

One of the many famous law agencies in San Antonio, Herrera Law Firm provides some of the best experiences in the world of law. The customers are mostly happy, and lawyers are dedicated. Of course, the lawyers are always working hard for the benefit of the victims.

  • Jesse Hernandez Law

Another famous lawyer in the field of truck accidents with years of experience and vast knowledge. They fight for justice for all the people harmed by accident.